We have just received a special report from the Animalias top secret laboratory stating that, after intense genetic and ruff robotic modification, 8,888 new types of Canidae have been UNLEASHED. Our trusted source at the laboratory has told us that there is nothing to fear yet and that they are monitoring the situation closely. They will notify the public if any dangerous Canidae are spotted.

However, many ruff robots and supers are now roaming the Metaverse world, so you can encounter them anywhere! Now, don’t panic – they aren’t as scary as they seem. They’re actually very friendly, curious, and adaptable creatures.

Here is what a representative of the Laboratory told us
“We highly recommend engaging with our Canidae, as they are meant to become great companions. Gather your own unique pack, battle others, or help us create a new advanced generation of UNLEASHED species.” – Dr. Pawson, Canidae Expert.

As you can see, all of the evidence shows that our Metaverse will benefit from these UNLEASHED Canidae! So get out there and start gathering your pack! And don’t forget to make new friends and have fun!

Dare to enter the lab and grab yourself a ruff robot or a super before they disappear without a trace! There are so many Departments for everyone to explore and enjoy – Robotic, Genetic Research and Engineering, Battle Arena, and so many more!
Participate, earn special rewards and be the first to breed these new species!

This is your Special News Reporter,
Newbie Barks
Animalia Times

Animalia Metaverse

The Metaverse is so large that we can’t even begin to grasp its true size. Unlock all of the amazing creatures and mysteries it holds and become a part of its history! Join us in this massive adventure and learn all about the Metaverse! Very soon our experts and researchers will be publishing reports and research papers for you to learn more.


It all started in the Animalias top secret laboratory, where the first of our Canidae were created. Top researchers worked on many different projects that resulted in the vast collection of this fascinating species. Our genetic engineers have created many variations of Canidae, and our Robotic team also put in their effort to make even more unique and powerful specimens of Canidae.

The Laboratory

The Animalias top secret Laboratory was built many years ago to research different species of our Metaverse. At first it included only a few small departments that were focused on theoretical work, more than practical application of the knowledge, but with time the team of scientists transformed the lab into what it is today. Our people work on both theoretical and practical applications; we have vast teams of Genetic Engineers and Robotic technicians to help us in many ways – including our most prominent project of the Canidae species.

The Departments

The Laboratory has many different Departments that answer to our top Researchers and Scientists. For the moment we can disclose the following Departments:
  • Robotic
  • The Robotic department is always hard at work to create many different ruff robots that could further help our Canidae Project.
  • Genetic Research and Engineering
  • This is one of Animalias top lab departments. It created and led the Canidae project that resulted in the Canidae being UNLEASHED. Dr. Pawson – the Head of the Genetic Research and Engineering Department – was the one to start the UNLEASHED initiative and will be leading the disclosure of some of the information on the Canidae project and the different types of Canidae.
  • Battle Arena
  • The Arena started as a Testing Facility for the Canidae that were created in the Laboratory. Over time it was fortified, widened and turned into the Battle Arena that it is today. It is a vast space where battles, under the supervision of our top-class researchers and scientists, between the Canidae packs can take place in a controlled and safe environment.